Terms & Conditions

1. The application of Kelab Upin & Ipin membership are open ONLY for Malaysia citizen.

2. Application fee are fixed at RM15.00 for a lifetime. No included postage charges for application via online.

3. If the card is loss or damage, the payment of RM15.00 will be charged for replacement of new card and membership number.

4. The membership card is non-transferable.

5. Normal discount rate given exclusively for members is not valid during any promotional campaign conducted and / or during the events unless it is stated in writing specifically.

6. Any exchange of information, should be informed to the management of Kelab Upin & Ipin in order to avoid any inconvenience.

7. The management of Kelab Upin & Ipin reserves the right to modify of terminate the terms, conditions and other privileges associated with Kelab Upin & Ipin without prior notice.